Thursday, May 25, 2006

I'm your ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!

Cocktail of the Week

Cherry Bomb

ice cubes
30 ml gin
15 ml cherry brandy
15 ml lime juice
15 ml cointreau
1 tsp grenadine
dash bitters
pineapple juice
pineapple wedge

Half fill a cocktail shaker w/ ice.Pour in the gin, cherry brandy, lime juice, cointreau, grenadine & bitters. Shake well & strain into a highball glass half filled w/ ice. Top up with pineapple juice & garnish with wedge. Kick back and enjoy the ride!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Let's Go To The (Yarn Shop) Hop!

On Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 12 semi-local shops had their 1st Annual Yarn Shop Hop. This gave yarn enthusiast everywhere the opportunity to visit "new" shops while enjoying discounts, raffles, and other little gifties just for walking through the door. Although I only made it to 8 of the 12, I really enjoyed myself and had fun checking out the stores with my daughter and my friend Marcell. Here are some of the places we visited and the things I found:

Be Sweet-Brushed Mohair in Lemon, and Lana Gatto Mohair in Pale Green from The Yarn Shoppe(50% off on the lemon!).Organic Cotton Kit from My Secret Stash. Black and Hot Pink hanks from Rio De La Plata, and (2) solid (1) striped of Freedom Wool( also 50% off) from Auburn Needleworks. I also found Malabrigo in Mandarina from Knitique (maybe for a secret pal), some fabulous Alchemy Alpaca in Koi Pond from In Sheep's Clothing, and some Chocolate Cherry Sock Yarn by Claudia Hand Painted Yarns at Frog Pond Knits. We started early and made it to the last stop just 10 minutes before they closed shop, and I could not think of a finer way to spend the day....

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

One Skein Secret Pal Exchange

Answers to the questionnaire.
  1. Which yarn is most like your personality? MANOS del URUGUAY color-115. The label reads "sometimes subtle, often dramatic". I find that it can be sometimes plush and soft, sometimes itchy and scratchy, and sometimes thick or thin. I often relate to this yarn.
  2. What is your favorite color yarn to knit/crochet with? I usually knit with reds, pinks, and greens. I buy whatever jumps out at me. My mood often decides the color.
  3. Have you ever used variegated, or magic yarns? Variegated-Yes, Magic-No.
  4. Do you tend to favor certain fibers when choosing yarns? Mostly wool and cotton, but it really depends on the pattern. I've been using lots of wool lately since I've been in somewhat of a felting frenzy.
  5. Do you prefer to work with center-pull or traditionally wound balls of yarn? No preference. I own a swift and ball winder.
  6. Have you ever worked with organic yarns or are you interested in trying them? Yes.
  7. How many and what projects have you made in the last year? Quite a few. 10 felted purses-bags, 6 and a 1/2 hats, 2 kids ponchos, 1 blanket, beer cozies, legwarmers, 1 sock, 2 wraps, 6 scarves, and I am halfway through a handful of others, including a cardigan for myself and a ballet wrap for my daughter.
  8. Will you be knitting any gifts this year? Yes. For birthdays, babies, and the holidays.
  9. What is your favorite One Skein project? So far my fave is the Felted striped tote. I used Manos, Lopi, and Rowan. I love the way the different yarns came together for a funky felt with lots of shape and texture. I'm also addicted to the clutches, I've made 4 in the last 2 weeks, they are so fast and easy!
  10. How much yarn do you have in your stash and how do you store it? My husband would say too much, but I'm always looking for the perfect yarn. I store them in long, flat rubbermaid containers under my bed and in taller ones next to my nightstand.
  11. Do you have a yarn in your stash that you love so much you can never use or part with? No. The reason I purchased it was with the intention to create something to show it off. If I give away a yarn I love knitting with I'll usually just get more! Each season there is something different I fall in love with. I'm just plain fickle.
  12. Do you knit less of differently in the summer? I don't knit less, but i definately knit lighter, smaller items .
  13. Do you belong to any knitting groups (online or offline)? I'm in a knit/crochet group that meets weekly called Chicks with Sticks.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hey Cats and Kittens, skip dessert and try this decadent drink. A tribute to Debbie and her book of the same name I give you:

The Happy Hooker

1 oz Kahlua
1 oz Baileys Irish Cream
1 oz Godiva Chocolate Liquer
1 oz Creme de Cacao
1 oz Chocolate Vodka
1 oz Raspberry Vodka
3 oz half and half

Mix together in large shaker with ice.
Shake, then strain into an exotic cocktail glass and enjoy!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Crocheter Hater? Knitta, Pleeze!

I *Heart* Debbie

Last Sunday my friend M, my daughter S and I hopped aboard the Stitch n' Ride train from Sacramento to Berkeley. Debbie was promoting her latest contribution to the craft world, "The Happy Hooker". During our trip Debbie shared goodies from the book, like the One-Skein Scarf from Denise Cozzitorto who was also on the train, (check out her super cute stuff at Other projects we fondled were the Fat-Bottom Bag, Cupcake Top, Short n' Sweet Top, Knot Ugly Shrug, Bikini in a Bag, Prepster Jacket, Frou Frou Sweater, Fluffy Bunny Slippers, Cozy Pod Creatures, and the simply adorable Lil' Monkey Baby Hat and Matching Afghan done in a sock monkey pattern.

I think my first project from this book will be the In Bloom purse. The book describes it as the perfect pattern for folks with a short attention span who prefer almost instant gratification, and Debbie told us "it has just enough room carry your smokes, your flask, and your crack pipe."

Debbie also gave an impromptu crochet lesson to those of us who wanted to try and get our crochet on. Getting started was quite easy, at least compared to how difficult my first knitting lesson was. I also learned that crochet is much faster than knitting since air does half the work, but the biggest lesson Debbie taught me was that even the much maligned granny square deserves our respect! Happy Hooking!