Saturday, October 20, 2007

must be something in the water

Contrary to the activity on this blog, I really have been knitting. I've been in baby knit mode, since it seems in the last month almost everyone I know is pregnant. My friend Jen, seen here wearing Jake's hat because we tried to get him to keep it on long enough for a photo, (which as you can see 3 kids and 1 adult could not get done) just recently got thumbs up that she'll be able to adopt him and then just found out that she's pregnant! Mel is having a little boy after two cute girlie girls and then Carla who I just recently caught up with after 1 1/2 years, is due soon with her third.
I found this cute pattern at Knitique by Mountain Colors and am modifying it just a little for each child. I am also throwing in some mittens, and maybe some booties too!
Here is the first set for baby Jake. He is turning 1 today and I wanted to give him a special welcome to his new family. He's had a difficult 1st year with addictions to several drugs, learning disabilities, and just plain looking for someone to love him. Jen and Damon are awesome people with great big hearts and I know they will make great parents for him and the baby on the way, just as they have for their son Logan. Happy Birthday Jake!