Saturday, July 19, 2008

6 tHinGs...

62 Cherry tagged me, so here we go!

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I love to bake! If I could, I'd wake up every day put on an apron, some good music and bake, bake, bake!

I love Isabella Rosellini. (pictured above)

I was married in Edinburgh, Scotland. On a month long backpacking adventure my man and I decided to get hitched. I'm pretty sure we're married, but it was really hard to understand the marriage clerks Scottish accent, especially over my mother-in-law's crying.

I'm not a touchy-feely-huggy kind of person. I will hug my daughter, my grandma, my husband. When people come up and hug me, I cringe. Although people say I'm very social.

I like gangsta rap! I'm not into most lyrics but I can't pass up a Snoop, Ice Cube, Ice-T, or NWA song on the radio.

I CAN FLY! Well at least in my dreams I can. Since I was very young I've had lots of dreams where I'm flying. People have different interpretations of what it means, but my favorite is my 7 year olds belief that I am indeed a superhero!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Can I get a HooT-HooT!

I'd like to send a great big Hoot to Madge from Knitdevil for the goodies she sent me a few weeks ago for my birthday. I got the grooviest card, some very awesome skull stitch markers which I couldn't get a good photo of but believe me they are fabulous! A wonderful Punk Rock Crafter button, and last but not least this phantasimo yarn by Tempted called Punk Junkie!
BIG smooches Madge, you are the bees knees!

Speaking of hoot, I finished this owl hat a couple of weeks ago. It is such an easy cable pattern and I love the finished project. It was a very quick knit, and I'm thinking I may put some small black beads where the eyes should be.

Meet Hank the Owl. My BFF PinkPurl crocheted him for me and since he is made with all the classic 70's colors I felt the name Hank suited him. Thanks Nay, I lurve him!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I believe

that this is one of the best live performances I have EVER seen!
Last night I went to see Supersuckers, Nashville Pussy, and THE REVEREND HORTON HEAT!
Although I enjoyed the first two bands, I have to say The Rev puts on a mighty fine show!

It was a two hour bass slappin', guitar strummin', and drum bangin good time.
Just what G and I needed since we haven't been out "alone" for awhile. It took our mind off the flood (yes, our house flooded AGAIN! last thursday) and even though my ears are still ringing a little today I had a great time!

Supersuckers rocked it, since they are "the greatest rock n' roll band ever" or at least that's what they kept telling us. Nashville Pussy put on an entertaining performance, the girls in this band are bad ass and the singer is quite entertaining! But The Rev takes the cake!

They played their own stuff as well giving us a little music history lesson by playing Bill Haley and the Comets, Roger Miller, Stray Cats, Nirvana, and the drummer sang and played Black Sabbath's Paranoid. At one point the singer from Nashville Pussy came out and sang Motorhead's Ace of Spades. What a night! Okay, back to reality...