Saturday, July 19, 2008

6 tHinGs...

62 Cherry tagged me, so here we go!

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I love to bake! If I could, I'd wake up every day put on an apron, some good music and bake, bake, bake!

I love Isabella Rosellini. (pictured above)

I was married in Edinburgh, Scotland. On a month long backpacking adventure my man and I decided to get hitched. I'm pretty sure we're married, but it was really hard to understand the marriage clerks Scottish accent, especially over my mother-in-law's crying.

I'm not a touchy-feely-huggy kind of person. I will hug my daughter, my grandma, my husband. When people come up and hug me, I cringe. Although people say I'm very social.

I like gangsta rap! I'm not into most lyrics but I can't pass up a Snoop, Ice Cube, Ice-T, or NWA song on the radio.

I CAN FLY! Well at least in my dreams I can. Since I was very young I've had lots of dreams where I'm flying. People have different interpretations of what it means, but my favorite is my 7 year olds belief that I am indeed a superhero!


Madge said...

*giggle* You like gangsta rap.

P.S. Edinburgh is one of my favorite places. I spent my junior year abroad at the Uni there. And if I could move there and live, I totally would.

62cherry said...

love it all

Courtney said...

LOL... I dont see you as the gangsta rap type :-) LOL