Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Welcome Aboard!

FIRST STOP: Procrastination Station . One of many hopes for this blog is to help me complete projects. I am the queen of procrastination. I could blame this on the fact that I am the mommy of a very active 4-year old (ballet, birthday parties, playdates), that I work full-time, that my commute takes me over an hour each way (although it's only 20 miles away), that I like to stay somewhat social (1 knitting group, 2 bunco groups, lunch & dinner dates with friends, etc.), and I love to spend family time with my FAMILY! But I digress. I find time to knit somewhere, somehow just about everyday. The problem I have is finishing. Some refer to me as the Project Ho-a starter of many projects, finisher of few! So here it is, a little preview to some of the projects I've started, and will eventually need to finish:

Emma's Lace Scarf-Malabrigo


Violet said...

I like Project Ho! So appropriate! No I just have to get that song to play on my computer.

Courtney said...

Very Cute...I love your blog:-)