Saturday, July 14, 2007

Get it while it's Hot!

Get it while you can! Pre-order the Premiere Issue of Mixtape on Etsy. Justine of 62 Cherry and pal Nikkishell, are putting together what looks to be quite a zine. Mixtape is a collision of craft, eco-cool and pop culture kitsch und drang Issue 1 features:
Craft 101, trashy movies, best of Etsy, 5 ways to go green, puzzles, and more. But hurry, looks like the girls only planned on making 100, and it seems as if there are almost double that already ordered. Props to Auntycookie for the cover design, isn't it cute? I just love the sewing machine in the tree, and the bunny in the corner, and the little girl knitting, and okay I'll stop...

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mixtapezine said...

thanks for spreading the love around :) justine