Sunday, September 09, 2007

Quick Fix

This past week has been hectic! Work, soccer kick-off week, and numerous trips to the chiropractor found me wanting to work on a project that:
A. is mindless
B. is fast
C. uses yarn I already have
Where would I go to find such a thing you ask?
I searched their miscellaneous section until something caught my eye, and there it was:
Wellenreiter by Iris Wilde
of Strickmasche
Size 10 needles, 2 random balls of Noro Kureyon from my stash (one was rewound, it was a hat that was too small, and the other ball is leftover from a felted purse), and time. Lord knows I've had time this weekend. I can't really do much else but sit and knit or lay and knit with my icepacks. I started yesterday morning and it's almost done. It goes so fast and like a child I'm amazed at how beautifully each color blends in as I knit along.


LotusKnits said...

So pretty! I love the colors! Now I gotta go add that project to my queue.

Janice said...

Great Colors and great pattern.. take care.

on the wings... said...

It's like your body and back knows and fears settlement. Sorry you are in so much agony.

The scarf is beautiful. Hope you bring it on Wednesday. The perfect project to perk up your time on the couch.

Courtney said...

I like the colors, what happened??? Did you hurt your back?

Madge said...

Love how these colors mirror your PRG sox. Pink, black and grey...mrowr.

Hope you're okay!

kgirl said...

wonderful use of the Noro's self-stripe - I love the shading from charcoal through to pink, very lovely!


That's awesome! I love Ravelry. It's the best.

Courtney said...

No havent started the Tyrolean socks yet, I have the yarn but I am waiting to finish a few gifts first. Maybe next month.

Janice said...

This is the blog Felted and myself were telling you last nite. He is a great writer and a cool knitter.

Dipsy said...

This looks ever so beautiful! The color combo is amazing, and I really love the pattern! Fantastic job!