Thursday, November 08, 2007

Sweaters, scones, and a big bad baby blanket

Started the Big Bad Baby Blanket from SNB. The pattern calls for 2 strands of Koigu held together, I opted for one strand of bulky. I started it last Thursday and I'm halfway done. It's a very mind-less, Zen-full project and I hope to have it finished this weekend.
I told myself I can't start another project until I finish the blanket so it has motivated me to get it done, FAST!
Although I am working on these:
Flair and Emerald for me and Drive-Thru for Lollipop. I've found another sweater I want to start. The Lotus Cardigan from Norah Gaughan modeled here by Cirilia from Skrilla Knits. Simple, stylish and looks good with jeans. I need one! I'm having trouble getting the pattern for it seems to be sold out everywhere, which may be for the best since I should finish the other 3 before I cast on another.
The photos in the middle are of fabulous food and friends. We had our Skeins and Scones get together a couple weeks ago. It was kind of like our Wednesday night meet-up of Chicks with Sticks but on the weekend with yummy food, mimosas, and a lot more time to knit! I really loved the fact that I didn't have to leave the house. Cheers to all who came and brought awesome treats. Can't wait for next month!


Janice said...

Great Post and pictures look great of your knitting group at home. Sorry I missed out.

Laurie said...

I'm glad we are making this a monthly event. Nice to change it up and share good food.

kgirl said...

I made the BBBB in bulky too! (2 strands of fingering weight held together for a baby blanket - yeah, right!) looks good, and we all need some mindless knitting every now and again, eh?