Monday, December 17, 2007

you'd better not pout!

santa claus is comin' to town... in one week!
or so I kept telling lollipop as I tried to photograph her for this years Christmas card. She was so bored with the whole process after 5 minutes. She tried really hard not to smile because she said "real rock stars don't smile, they just try to look cool."
After 20 minutes of begging, pleading, and bargaining (she gets to choose next years theme, WATCH OUT! she may have us all dress up in KISS gear!) we finally got a "cutesy" one of her to send to the relatives who see her once a year. this isn't it, but she wanted me to post this one instead, cuz it's cooler!

I hope to post a lot of finished knitting projects in the next week but so far I have this:
christmas works in progress invading my desk
an almost finished scarf for my dad
oh!, and some beautiful, squishy, colorful, yarn from pancake and lulu

Ho! Ho! Ho!

1 comment:

Madge said...

Totally cute photo of Lollipop. And uh, about next year...who gets to be Gene Simmons?

Ho ho ho - here's hoping Santa rocks your Yule!