Friday, February 01, 2008


I've been knitting baby items lately. I like them because they are fast, easy, and cute.
Kinda like me 15 years ago.
My friend Pogo just had the cutest little boy named Tiber and I am working on the baby version of Cobblestone for him. The pattern is Pebble and I'm using Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed in Beanshoot.
I just finished the Umbilical Cord hat for another friend. She has two boys and I am having so much fun knitting and shopping for girlie things for her. I DID NOT KNIT THIS SWEATER! I know. The horror. But I couldn't knit it for the price I bought it. Baby Gap has the best sales area and I got this regularly priced $34.50 sweater for only- drum roll please...
Can you believe it was marked down to $10.97 and then had an additional 25% off all sale items ?
It's fully lined with t-shirt material and has a nice smooshiness too it. So I found some pink stash that matched the sweater and knit this hat to go with it. I think I have enough left over to crank out some booties before the baby shower too!


Courtney said...

Well since you are having so much fun knitting baby stuff, maybe it is time for another one :-) :-)

Laurie said...

Love the hat!
Just had to show off the acorn stitch markers, didn't you? {sigh}

kgirl said...

oh, for the love of Pete, how adorable are all those things, including the little acorn stitch markers?!

I adore that the mini-Cobblestone is called *Pebble*, too :)

Antevasin said...

If you run out of babies, I have a new grandbaby coming in August! I gotta go check out "Pebble"...that's just too cute a name!

Anonymous said...

i love your acorn stitch markers. the hat is great

Madge said...

Aww, baby knits. Pebble? Gah, the cuteness. (thanks for the link) Love the green tweediness! And those acorn stitch markers. Where did you get them?

$8.23? Score. Sweater, cute wee hat, booties...great gift!