Saturday, July 22, 2006

I said "W I P it, W I P it good!"

These are a few of my works in progress. 1. Pink scarf for the Think Pink Challenge. 2. Black twitterpated purse needs a liner,(found this pink, black and white skirt at a thrift shop and thought it would make a perfect lining). 3. Pink and Brown Noni (soon to be felted) purse for my KSKS Pal. 4. Socks made with Scout's Hurricane Yarn in Run Like Hell. My goal is to finish them this week so I can start other projects. One being a new knitalong to help me finish items for my daughter. If you are a mom who knits for everyone else except your kids, click the Little Bit Knits button and play along.

1 comment:

msfortuknit said...

Fanfuntastic Page! Youve got great taste as well!
Glad that you want to join the exchange! Well keep ya posted doll!