Thursday, August 10, 2006

Delivery Confirmation Status: Recieved!

After a day of dealing with full moon crazed customers, I came home to this wonderful surprise! A very large box sitting on my kitchen table just waiting to be opened. I started ripping into the box as my husband sat chuckling, amused by my actions which closely resembled a child on Christmas day. This is my 1st completed swap and it way exceeded my expectations! I got so into planning my pals kit that I almost forgot I would be recieving one as well. Look what I found inside:

A beautiful felted bag in
blue, green,black,purple
and orange.
Tasty treats including
bazooka gum, mini m&m's,
& knitting girl mints.
3 separate sock pattterns,
a magic loop handbook and an addi circular
to use with it, a mini-sock keychain kit,
a hank of yarn in Tiger from Sunshine Yarns,
a finger yarn guide, and a very nice note
on super cute knitting stationery.

Thank you so much to Dani for this wonderful package. I'm in awe of all the great stuff, and I can't wait to use the yarn and try these new techniques. You're AWESOME!!


Dani said...

Wooohoooo! Im so happy you like everything! I thought the tiger stripe from the "other" Dani (who is SUPER cool and a wonderful friend) woudl be fun for you, and since you havent looped and I am a huge advociate, it seemed the perfect match =)

Use it all well!!

Dani said...

(PS - please ignore my spelling disaster in previous post LOL I'm having a day!)