Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Kindergarten is gonna R-O-C-K !!!

Next Tuesday will be my daughters 1st day of Kindergarten. Pictured here with friends who will be attending the same school. My friend Naomi had an American Idol birthday party for her oldest daughter, and all the kids got dressed up in their favorite rockstar gear. My daughter asked me to knit her a Hannah Montana outfit (those of you with youngins know she's a crowd favorite) , and after I got done explaining how long it would take me to knit jeans, a shirt, a cowgirl hat, etc., we settled on this outfit. Pink AC/DC t-shirt (hubbies input), a leopard print mini-skirt (she luvs the Cheetah Girls), pink knee-hi's and brown motorcycle boots (my idea, so the outfit wouldn't look too cheetah-eee). Anyway, the kids had a great time and even some of the adults joined in. It makes me wonder, did I ever think I looked this cool in Kindergarten? Did I care? I think my main focus was ABC's and how to spell my name. Oh well just wondering...


Anonymous said...


I'm your funky scarf swap buddy. I sent you an email about this I hope you got it.

Also, I haven't seen your questionnaire. I'll check back to see if you post it.

Your FSP

Mycki said...

Love the kid's outfit, the boots were the perfect rockcessory!