Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cher needs...

While perusing blogs today, I came across this idea from Punk Rawk Purl (which she posted sometime last year). I figured I'd give it a try. Just type in your name and add the word needs and see what the Google Gods come up with. Here's mine:

1. Cher needs to accept that no one is self-sufficient all the time and to be gentler with her "childish" emotional needs and wants.
2. Cher needs to take a break, she has been on tour for...I don't know how many years.
3. Cher needs to make a new cd, because her voice is one of a kind, and we love her so much.
4. Cher needs a job...
5. Cher needs my help with her yardsale.
6. Cher needs to study up on her politics before showing her ignorance of the issue.
7. Cher needs a clue for Christmas.
8. Cher needs the profits from t-shirt sales at $35 each to pay for more surgery.
9. Cher needs $30 million for a family crisis.
10. New York needs Cher!

Pretty funny, eh? I must admit I do agree with them on #4, (a new one), and #'s 9(a million will do), and 10 (duh!). Ciao.

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Mycki said...

I love it!