Saturday, January 06, 2007

Punk Rock Girl Strikes Again!

My Punk Rock Secret Pal struck again and this time she revealed her identity.
It is GothKnits!The package absolutely ROCKED! Not only was there stuff for me, but she also included goodies for the family. She individually wrapped everything so we got to have Christmas twice this year! The package was magnificent!!
This is what we found once we opened the packages: pink and black skully washcloths(given to husband & child), skull & bat jingle bells, bat sponge, 2 velvet coloring posters(one is done and hanging in her closet), B&W photo magazine(beautiful), classic cocktails book(yummy!), felted bag(sweet!), felted purple & black striped needle holder with handmade DPN's inside (very F@*#ing awesome!), handmade stitch markers in black, red and silver( i love them!), a miniature collie, and some dark chocolate with caramel(eaten!). I am so lucky to have such a great pal. This was such a treat and such a fun swap!Thanks again GothKnits. Love Ya!

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