Monday, April 30, 2007

This and That

Here's a little update from the Vicious camp.
I've been working on some goodies for a package that I'm sending to 62 Cherry. I've snapped some photos, but will not post them until she has the package. The only hints I can give are "green" and "polka dots".
Next, I got these great pair of skull needles from Share Ross of the new Punk Knits book by setting her up with an in-store at a local yarn shop. I can't wait to see her trunk show. She'll be here at the end of May- Hooray! Notice the wonderful basket the needles are in? This was one of my birthday presents from my man. He's the grooviest. Now when I ride around town, I can take or pick-up just about anything.
Check out the cute t-shirt with yarn and horns. While perusing Cafe Press I found this t-shirt that made me think of Knit Devil. Note to Knit Devil: you must buy this shirt! It's so devilish! Malabrigo Chunky from Stitches is almost a cabled handbag. I just have to sew up the seams and add the handles. I love the color and texture of this yarn, but am glad I'm almost finished as temperatures are headed for the 90's.
Last but not least, I bid farewell to my bionic leg. I went to the podiatrist today and I'm going to try my regular leg out for a while.
Dear Clunky,
We've spent the last month together day and night, night and day, and I'll miss you- but not too much!


justine said...

I can't wait!!!
I am a bit late sending mine UHHH!! Will send it out no later than 3rd may :).....

Madge said...

That tee is great. So me. *evil grin* Thanks for the shout. Heh. I have those knitting needles, too.

Great news about you getting your leg back! That cast looks medieval torturous. (have you been riding your bike with that thing on? whoa)

Can't wait to see the cabled handbag finished up; the colors are delish.

laurie said...'s SO you!

Basket on the bike is fantastic. Looks big enough to bike to a yarn shop and pick up a few items, maybe stop by Starbucks for a coffee drink.

Need to show a close up of the bag. This picture doesn't begin to do the detail justice. So beautiful, readers! Can't wait to see the finished product. Figured out the color for the lining yet?

Be careful working on concrete floors with that bum foot...

See you Wednesday.

Michelle said...

I seriously just peed myself a little over those knitting needles. Loving your blog! Caren sent me your way.
Wish I lived closer so I could come knit with the Chicks.

MsFortuknit said...

ouchy leg, gorgeous yarn and cutest shirt!