Thursday, May 17, 2007


Allergies suck! I'm home sick day today because yesterday I spent all day helping customers with a tissue in my nose. I really got sick of hearing "are you sick or do you have allergies?" I didn't want to have another day like that because I'm afraid I might say something like "Yes, I am sick and I have a highly contagious incurable disease and now I'm going to hand you back some money that I've made sure is covered with my germs!" Oh wow after reading that last part, I guess I'm PMS-ing as well. When I went to my weekly knitting group, I couldn't enjoy it as much as I normally do because I had to keep checking to make sure snot wasn't spilling out of my nose. I called the doctor and they won't see me unless I having trouble breathing. They just told me to go out and get a cool moisture humidifier and take sudafed every 4 hours so I don't get a sinus infection. Lovely.
On a brighter note I will be attending my daughters Open House tonight, she is so proud to show me all of the work she has done in Kindergarten this year. I can't wait!


Janice said...

Am sorry you are sick. But hang on we will soon move in to the drying heat of summer. I hate it. Your daughter is very cute and learning to write so well. Have fun. Nag Violet about blogging I will.

ruth said...

awww, take care of yourself, hope you feel better soon!!

laurie said...

Yeah, the tissue in the nose was a nice touch. Take time to take care of yourself, especially now that your DH is home tonight. Take med's and sleep. Hope the school get-together is as much fun for you as I know it is for your daughter.