Sunday, June 10, 2007


These little ingredients, pictured above, ended up making some great pancakes this morning. So much so that I made a second batch after breakfast, and put them in the freezer for whoever gets a craving. G and S liked them and S liked them even more when I cut hers into stars. Now they are "superstar pancakes". Taryn posted the recipe last week and made it sound so simple, which it is, that I had to try it. They're great! Light, fluffy, and flavorful. They don't have that sometimes gritty, chalky, floury taste like my regular stand-by pancake mix, and they were a cinch to make. Thanks Taryn!
I'd also like to give T a big shout out because she gave us quite the spread for International Knitting Day yesterday. We nibbled on fresh fruit, veggies, scrumptious shortbread cookies, warm focaccia and dipping oil. While we indulged in those goodies her boyfriend was preparing linguisa and "nuggets of happiness", which consist of a small chunk of chicken and a slice of jalapeno wrapped in bacon and cooked on the BBQ. They were hot, but so good that even though we couldn't feel our tongue or lips, we were compelled to keep eating them. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon of knitting and knoshing.
I started a lavender skirt for S from Barefoot Knits, the yarn is from a tank knit last summer that no longer fits her, so I figured I'd re-use it.
The finished object is my grandmothers lace poncho. I will be mailing it to her this week since it was a present for her 90th birthday a couple of weeks ago. I love the way it drapes and feels and I can't wait to see it on her!
Last but most definitely not least, I'd like to thank Justine from 62 Cherry for this wonderful package.
She sent me polka dots(see cute bags above), leopard(a bag and some extra material for my own devisings) some dice, and then the coolest club, heart, diamond, and spade buttons! She also made 2 of the most ace Cd's I have ever owned and sent it all with a charming card and chocolate. What more could a girl ask for? Nothing. Thank you Justine!


Taryn said...

That goodie bag is so you! What a cool gift!

I'm going to have to keep the cookie cutter idea in mind for when my little sister comes to visit this summer. I can try out my new squirrel shaped cutter.

I just went to midtown to take out my friend Erin to lunch and I stopped by Hina's new tea shop. Cher, I have to take you by there, it is soo cool! Plus this new place has a really nice lounge area.

knititch said...

wow i love the name of your blog that i shall explore. and i suppose you even quote the ramones in the header. ho ho.

Madge said...

Happy birthday wishes to your grandmother. Fab lace poncho! I bet it'll be nice and toasty and oh so fashionable.

MsFortuknit said...

Youve been busy Doll!