Saturday, August 30, 2008

Radiohead 8-22-08

Last week G and I went to the Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco to see Radiohead. There were lots of bands, but we only saw Radiohead & Beck and a little bit of Steel Pulse and Black Keys. There were so many people (50,000 plus) at Golden Gate Park I'm amazed we got to see those bands. Traveling from one end of the park was no small feat. Some people, who were obviously much younger and more intoxicated than we were climbed over and under fences and trees to get to the other stages. We left halfway through Beck's set just to get to the other stage to see Radiohead. Beck played to "the smaller crowd" seen here. The haze seen in the last photo is not fog! G and I came home smelling of pot and patchouli, which may have influenced our decision to stop at In & Out at midnight on our way home.

Radiohead was absolutely fantastic! After fighting the crowds earlier in the day, I was about to call it a loss, but when Thom and the boys hit the stage it made it all worth while! Thom's voice, the lights, the crowd singing and dancing, it was AWESOME! You can see how happy G and I are when they hit the stage if you click on the 3rd photo. I've added a sampling of music here, here and here so you can enjoy Thom's fabulousness. Radiohead put on the best stadium show and I would pay thousands to see them in a small venue, although G might not let me go as he'd fear the headline "Crazed fan suffocates Radiohead lead singer with hugs and kisses!" in the next day's newspaper. I'm such a teenager when it comes to music!


Madge said...

Is that Mr. Knit Vicious?! *waves*

I know how ya feel...Tom and I will be seeing Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at the Hollywood Bowl on 9/17. Our first concert in years. Hopefully I won't embarrass myself by throwing my bra - or myself - at the stage or anything. And the last time I saw him? In San Francisco at the Warfield (?) in the early 90s.

Rock on, sister!

P.S. Wow, serious doobage, man.

Anonymous said...

As strange and unbelieveable as it sounds. My mom used to be really good friends with Beck and his brother. About fifteen years ago they both used to babysit me and my sister. Weird, huh?

That concert sounds so awesome! I love Radiohead and Beck!