Friday, December 05, 2008

Holy Crap Batman, Christmas is Coming!

Hip replacement, Strep Throat, and a new puppy were the highlights of November. Which seems to have come and gone since my last post. On the horizon are many knitting projects for the holidays, training a 7-year old to train a 12-week old puppy, and assisting a 38-year old to feel confident with his 2 shiny new titanium hips.
Sounds feasible now, but last week while I was sitting in my local emergency room with needles and tubes in my arms because my airway was sealing up and my temperature was around 102, due to a severe case of what they thought was Mono, then turned out being Strep, I had my doubts.
With the help of my parents and my friends, we are all still alive! Maybe a little bruised and battered but it really makes you appreciate the little things when you have so many major things happen in a matter of weeks.
I've been working on hats, gloves, and socks for presents, and I'm hoping to pick up some yarn today for a wrap for my mom. I may even venture into some sewing this weekend. Well, practice sewing anyway. I'm just so afraid of the cash I could drop on fabric.


Madge said...

Holy crap, indeed. Nothing like it all hitting the fan at once, eh? *hugs* Glad everyone is okay, and a speedy recovery to you and the mister (does this mean you're now married to the Borg?)! And give the pup (who looks a little tentative) a big hug and belly rub for me, will ya? *more hugs*

Courtney said...

Awww.. little Max is sooo cute, I just love him! I hope you are feeling better and the same for hubby, hope to see you wed but we all understand if you cant make it.

kgirl said...

never rains but it pours, eh? Any one of those things on their own would have been hard, so well done to you all for surviving!!!

and that pup is A1 cute, isn't he? I just want to flap those ears and scratch the belly :)

hope your throat and hubs hip get better asap - Merry Christmas x

Anonymous said...

That dog is soooo cute!!!!

And all I can think when I see those stitches is 'ouch!'. It looks so much like the stitches I had on my knee. Too painful to want to remember!

Laurie said...

And the strep continues...I think your immune system is working overtime with the other things going on in your life. Time for a "calgone" weekend.