Friday, March 30, 2007

How I Roll...

Last weekend I was browsing through the latest Ready Made magazine and there it was, a bike that caught my eye. A bike you ask? Yes. A bike, this bike: a 21-Speed Baby Blue Pearl Electra Townie. Although it's been 7 or 8 years since I've been on one, once I saw it I knew I had to have it. We went to REI to see what they had, we got there 5 minutes before closing, were kind of rushed, and didn't see what I wanted. The next morning we headed to Ibikes and I tried a couple of models. I found the perfect fit and bought it! I love this bike and the way it rides!
As far as bikes go it is a little pricey, but exactly what I need for my back and leg issues. It's also great to have a bike now that Bean has taken off her training wheels, so now we can ride together as a family! The other great part: Electra has a full line of accessories for your bike. Look! I've already started my wish list:
1. Fuzzy leopard seat
2. Fuzzy leopard handle grips
3. Quick-release wicker basket
4. Either dice or skull valve caps
and last but not least-
5. Coffee cupholder ( yes! they really make one!)
My birthday is coming up here in a couple of weeks, I better get busy hinting to family and friends. Happy Spring!!


Janice said...

OMG I the list of 'extras'. I so need to be on a bike now I am envious of yours. Pictures soon of you on the bike please.

cher said...

the bottom photo is one of me in action, although I do hope to have more pics after my bithday, if I recieve the "extras" I've been begging my family for.

Madge said...

Totally stylin' bike. And a dice or skull valve cap? You need it, you really do.

Have fun with the family bike rides!

You're an April baby? Me, too.

justine said...

I'm an april baby as well 18th in fact, and yours?
I may be able to help with the dice valve cap........ and the leopard seat cover....