Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Stitches Faves...

So Stitches was about a week ago, and I had a great time! I had
fun hangin' out with the girls ( photos from the train only since they wouldn't let us take photos inside the convention). Here's the lowdown on my faves:

Chunky Malabrigo purchased from Imagiknit
Speed Knitting book and CRAFT magazine- given to us in the Amtrak Stitch n' Ride goodie bag
Children's Viking Hat patterns from Bella Knitting
Lexie Barnes pink, black, & white Skull & Flowers Knitting Bag
My fave demo was a lady doing tunisian crochet on a size 35 crochet hook,
I wish I could remember the booth she was sitting in front of, but...
and the best shirt I saw someone wearing said:
good times!


Madge said...

Great loot. Especially the Lexie Barnes bag. Sweeet!

Marin Lemieux said...

Hi Cher,
It was Stitch Diva Studio. I totally want one of those huge tunisian crochet hooks!

Taryn said...

I didn't know you bought the baby viking hat pattern! It was soo cute! I wish I had known that my friend's were having a baby before hand. I would have had an excuse to buy it.

Whose booth sold it?

msfortuknit said...

Look at you go mama!